Miniature Schnauzers
Health issues

Eye Diseases - Mini Schnauzers can inherit several eye diseases. They can also get
several non-hereditary diseases. Breeders should provide eye certificates from a veterinary
optomologist with each puppy sold. They should also have all of their breeding dogs
examined yearly.
Eye Diseases

DNA Test for Type A Miniature Schnauzer PRA
Procedure for submitting DNA samples for PRA

Urinary Diseases - Some lines of Mini Schnauzers have a tendency to get urinary stones.
Check with breeders about the history of their dogs before purchasing a puppy.

Urinary Stone Disease Study
AMSC Urinary health Committee Report

Other Diseases -
DNA Test for Myotonia Congenita
Myotonia Congenita - Symptoms and Treatment

Mycobacterium Avium Infection in Min. Schnauzers
Canine Melanoma

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